3 Tips for YouTube Video Advertising Success

Not only is YouTube most users’ default way to upload and view videos online, it is a vibrant community. For brands, it offers the opportunity to start a conversation with followers and build relationships. Just as Facebook is a great place for brands and followers to interact, YouTube offers similar features—but conversations are largely driven by videos. By treating the site as a distribution platform and a means of engagement, marketers can improve customers’ experiences. Below are several tips to help companies maximize their YouTube efforts.

Begin With Quality Content

Whether it’s from an established brand or an emerging player, companies must think outside the box when creating content that sparks interest and encourages social sharing. Like other content types on social media, YouTube videos should be compelling enough to make a pass-along worthwhile to the user. By providing great content, a company can bring users to its videos and its channel—but engaging those visitors is another matter entirely.

Don’t do Drive-By Postings

For good content to truly shine, it must be paired with a commitment to engaging the audience. When a video ad campaign is highly interactive, impressions will rise, and sales will almost certainly follow. Don’t just post a video and leave it there—come back and respond to comments, even the not-so-good ones. By responding equally to criticism and praise, a company can show that it really cares what customers think.

Practice Proper Cross-Promotion

Parallel discussions about video content often happen on YouTube, Twitter (check out www.Twitter.com/jimtsokanos for more info) and Facebook. If the company’s video is posted to multiple social media sites, the marketer should draw upon these other conversations. By doing so, companies can expose customers to differing opinions and they can convince potential customers to join the discussion on social media.

Like Twitter and Facebook, YouTube can be a great place to interact with customers. While the content and features may be slightly different, the methods and principles of interaction are mostly the same. By keeping these tips in mind and approaching YouTube in the right way, companies can get the most benefit out of one of the most popular social spaces.