Five Grades of Steel Tubing Available Provide a Variety of Options

Because the needs of users vary significantly, steel tubing is readily available in several grades to meet those needs without spending more than necessary. The different grades are also available in round, rectangular, and square configurations to ensure tubing needs for just about any application are easily met. Companies providing steel tubing work closely with customers who aren’t quite sure which type of tubing would best meet the needs of specific jobs.

Oil Fields Use Multiple Types of Tubing

Oilfield users routinely require several types of steel tubing including downhole projects, but they also require steel tubing for other uses. Again, the wide variety of steel tubing ensures oil producers have the products necessary no matter what project is being contemplated. Suppliers have experts on hand to ensure every oilfield client has the tubing needed available when it’s required. That means costly delays are avoided.

Home, Farm, and Ranch Owners Have Their Own Tubing Needs

The Five grades of Steel Tubing available make it possible for farm and ranch owners to have the materials necessary for those special fencing needs as well as other common requirements of agricultural endeavors. Because of its strength and durability, steel tubing is routinely used where exceptionally rugged fencing is needed. Steel tubing can quickly be welded to ensure enclosures of any dimensions are quickly and easily constructed.

Steel Tubing is Vital for Construction Projects

Professional contractors are always using steel tubing on sites to make projects flow smoothly. As with farm and ranch owners, contractors require tubing products they can rely on to ensure not only quality projects but also the safety of onsite workers and site visitors. With pipe sizes from 1 3/8 inch to 3 1/2 inch diameters, contractors can generally obtain steel tubing in the exact diameters required.

Local suppliers like Varner Pipe, LLC, work diligently to make sure every customer’s unique steel tubing needs are met. Specialists can also provide custom sizes and lengths when projects require unique products not routinely available. If you’re unsure of the best type of steel tubing to use, the experts will review the grades available and answer any questions about using tubing products for specific applications.